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Journal of Advances in Applied Physics
  • Journal of Advances in Applied Physics(JAAP) is devoted to publishing original and survey articles related to current trends on the latest advancements in applied physics.
        The journal covers papers including but are not limited to the following topics:
         • Mechanics
         • Engineering Mechanics
         • Statics
         • Dynamics
         • Strength of Materials
         • Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics
         • Engineering Thermodynamics
         • Semiconductors, dielectrics, ferroelectrics, multiferroics and devices
         • Physics of organic materials and devices
         • Crystal growth, surfaces, interfaces, thin films, and bulk materials
         • Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies
         • Nanoscale science and technology
         • Photonics, quantum electronics, optics, and spectroscopy
         • Plasmonics, photovoltaics, lasers
         • Optoelectronics
         • Optical Networks, optical materials, and phenomena
         • Electricity and Magnetism
         • Electromagnetic Fields
         • Waves, Microwaves
         • Antennas
         • Scattering, spintronics and superconductivity
         • Organic-Inorganic systems, including organic electronics
         • Imaging, microscopy and spectroscopy
         • Plasma, discharges and processes
         • Nuclear Physics
         • Applied atomic and molecular physics, and applied nuclear physics (detectors, material characterization, spectroscopy, imaging etc.)
         • Physics of energy transfer, conversion and storage
         • Instrumentation and metrology
         • Fluid Mechanics
         • Heat and Mass Transfer
         • Quantum Mechanics
         • Relativity and Space Physics
         • Field Theory
         • Biophysics and biosensors
         • Device physics including quantum information processing
         • Device processing, fabrication and measurement technologies, and instrumentation
         • Solid State Physics and Applications
         • Astronomy, Astrophysics
         • Military Applications
         • Chemical Physics
         • Acoustics
         • Biophysics
         • Biomedical Physics
         • Geophysics, Geoscience, Geology, Seismology
         • Simulation and Mathematical Techniques in Physical Problems
         • Computational Physics
         • Environmental Physics

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