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New Horizons in Mechanical Engineering
  • New Horizons in Mechanical Engineering is devoted to publishing the original articles related to all aspects of advancements in mechanical engineering that applies the principles of engineering, physics, and materials science for the design, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. With recent development in technology, the mechanical engineering research has become more and more significant in the introduction of computers and microelectronics nowadays.

    The journal covers but are not limited to engineering that involves the design, production, automation, mechatronics, computer engineering, instrumentation engineering, structural engineering, communication engineering, software engineering, precision engineering, nanotechnology, metrology, artificial intelligence, material science, polymers engineering, applied physics, applied chemistry, information technology, embedded system, biomechanics, computational mechanics, continuum mechanics, damage mechanics, failure and fracture mechanics, experimental mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermal engineering, renewable energies, automotive engineering, dynamic system analysis, surface engineering, tribology, hydrostatic transmissions and pneumatics, I.C engines and turbo machinery, medical device manufacturing, metal casting, metal forming, metal joining processes, sensors for intelligent manufacturing, machine-tools, traditional and non-traditional machining processes and other areas relevant to mechanical engineering research.

    The article processing charge for the manuscripts submitted now is 80USD.


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