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Journal of Circuits and Systems
  • Journal of Circuits and Systems is devoted to publishing state-of-the-art articles about the areas of circuits, system and computers ranging from mathematical foundations to practical engineering design.
        The journal covers but are not limited to analog integrated circuits, linear and nonlinear networks, neural networks, nonlinear circuits and systems, distributed circuits and systems, multi-dimensional signals and systems, computer and processor architecture, computer-aided network design, digital integrated circuits, digital signal processing, digital system design, distributed sensor networks and systems, electronic design automation, embedded system and software, graph theory and computing, multimedia systems and applications, nanoelectronics and gigascale systems, power systems and power electronic circuits, reconfigurable architectures, system-level synthesis, telemedicine, VLSI systems and applications. circuit modeling of devices, wireless communications, RF, mm-Wave, and THz frequencies for receivers, transmitters, and transceivers, phase-locked loops, low-power integrated circuits, high-speed digital communications, computer arithmetic and numerical, analysis of finite word length processors, Computer-aided design(CAD) and other areas relevant to circuits and systems. 

    All the manuscripts submitted before May 31, 2017 will be free of charge.

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