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International Journal of Power and Energy Research
  • International Journal of Power and Energy Research is devoted to publishing high-quality experimental and theoretical articles about the latest advancements and findings in energy and power research.
        The journal covers but is not limited to power generation, solar energy, wave power, wind power, hydro power, waste energy, alternative fuels, safe nuclear energy, distribution systems, distributed generation, integration of renewables to the power grid, electrical technologies, other sustainable energy, power system management, analysis of hybrid generation systems, artificial intelligence in complex power and energy systems, petroleum engineering, building energy use and energy conservation, design and dimensioning of power systems, energy analysis and optimisation, energy efficiency, power system monitoring and mitigation technologies, transmission systems, transmission and capacity planning, energy resources, energy resources assessment, energy storage, hydrogen energy and fuel cells, electromagnetic compatibility in power systems, electromagnetic transients in power systems, smart grid technologies, electrical vehicles, international experiences with energy infrastructures, investment planning for energy infrastructures, planning and operations of power systems, power demand forecasting and management, power system protection, electricity markets and regulation, high voltage engineering, direct and indirect lightning, technical research on future application domains and other areas of power and energy.

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    ISSN(Print): 2521-0335
    ISSN(Online): 2521-0343

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