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Journal of Advances in Nanomaterials

Ferrites Nanoflowers for Dye Removal Applications

Download PDF (1001.6 KB) PP. 49 - 56 Pub. Date: December 20, 2016

DOI: 10.22606/jan.2016.12001


  • E.Girgis
    Solid State Physics Department, National Research Centre, 12622 El Buhouth St., Dokki, Cairo, Egypt
  • C. Tharwat*
    Solid State Physics Department, National Research Centre, 12622 El Buhouth St., Dokki, Cairo, Egypt
  • D. Adel
    Solid State Physics Department, National Research Centre, 12622 El Buhouth St., Dokki, Cairo, Egypt


Ferrites nanostructures have been prepared with flower-like shape, as novel cost effective dye removal agent to be used in water purification. CoFe2O4, and MnFe2O4 has been prepared via ethylene glycol (EG) mediated self-assembly method. The morphological properties of the as-synthesized nano-flower were investigated using transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and selected area electron diffraction (SEAD). Factors influenced shape of nano-flower, such as time, temperature, pH, and urea concentration has been studied. For water purification applications, it is clear that the as-prepared ferrites nano-flowers represent an excellent efficiency to remove polar red 390 dyes from water with efficiency with 46, and 96% for both of CoFe2O4, and MnFe2O4, respectively.


Ferrite nanoflower, urea, dye removal, polar red 390 dye, waste water treatment.


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