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Theoretical Physics

Application of Boltzmann’s Kinetic Equation to Research of Approach to Equilibrium Thermal Radiation of Rarefied Gas

Download PDF (272.4 KB) PP. 10 - 17 Pub. Date: March 8, 2020

DOI: 10.22606/tp.2020.51002


  • A. N. Volobuev
    Samara State Medical University, Department of Physics, Samara, 443086, Russia


On the basis of the kinetic equation for interaction of the electromagnetic radiation quantums with rarefied gas the time dynamics of approach to equilibrium thermal radiation of quantum distribution function and density of radiation energy is investigated. It is shown, that in a seen interval of electromagnetic waves this process lasts some micro seconds. The deduction of the kinetic equation of interaction of quantums with atoms of rarefied gas is submitted. Some consequences from this equation are investigated.


Boltzmann’s kinetic equation, thermal radiation, function of distribution.


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