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Theoretical Physics

Nonlinearity and Energy Conservation: A Possible Way to Harness Energy from the Subquantum Medium

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DOI: 10.22606/tp.2018.32005


  • J.R. Croca1,2 , P. Castro2 , R. Moreira2 and M. M. Silva2
    1University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physics
    2 Center of Philosophy of Sciences of the University of Lisbon


In some situations nonlinearity seems to pervade in nature. Indeed, in adequate conditions, a minor action may give origin to a very large reaction, only apparently providing a gain in output power from a lesser inputted value. Extending de Broglie seminal ideas to a more general pilot-wave theory, we describe the relation between nonlinearity and energy conservation, dismissing any apparent contradiction between the two. We also present what seems to be a possible way to harness energy from the pervading subquantum medium.


Energy conservation, subquantum medium, nonlinearity, pilot wave theory, nonlinear induction principle.


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